The minimum price for Apple’s iPhone and iPad apps has just risen in the UK, now overreaching the US price.

The success of Apple’s App Store has largely been because of a huge amount of free and cheap software. Developers and users alike have largely jumped on board with the UK minimum price of £0.59p, which is why it seems odd that Apple has now decided to increase that minimum price.

As of this very minute, the minimum price of apps on the App Store has risen to 69p in the UK – 10p more than it has been prior. There are still tens of thousands of free apps available to download, but it’s this minimum price point that may spark an app riot.

Frustratingly, this price point works out at around $1.11, meaning that users in the UK are now paying more for apps than the $0.99 minimum. There’s been no word from Apple as to why this is, but the company will still only be taking a 30 per cent share of app revenue, which may work out as good news for developers – assuming users get on board with the new price point.

Were you happy with 59p apps? Or do you only download free ones? Let us know your thoughts